Bringing fun into digital health

We create personalized and fun therapeutic interventions to improve the daily life of people with ADHD or ASD.


Our philosophy

Innovation at our core

Create solutions that our users love to use

Finding the right medication, as quickly as possible: enabling a better understanding of molecules, by integrating artificial intelligence.

Collaborate to innovate

Health and multimedia experts join forces to create technologies for people with disabilities.

Celebrate difference

We design tailored and thoughtful solutions to meet the needs of a neuro-atypical clientele.

A strong and diverse network

Our many partners contribute to our expertise and allow us to continue our growth. Thank you for your support in our various projects.

Our products

Kairos, Heroes of time

Kairos is a technological tool that integrates video game mechanics to help children aged 6 to 12 be independent in their routines. Tasks become missions that helps their avatar progress in the game. A built-in virtual coach advises parents on routine management, sleep, positive reinforcement and more!

Two clinical studies have validated the effectiveness of Kairos both with neuro-typical and neuro-atypical children.

To date, Kairos has over 15,000 downloads and 150,000 successful tasks for children.

Our Team

Our employees and external collaborators provide extraordinary multidisciplinary expertise

Annie Martineau

CEO and Founder

Hoang Yen Pham

Unity Developer

Anne-Sophie Fournier

Product Owner

Andrew Faulkner

Full Stack Developer

Antoine Lacroix

Full Stack Developer

Quentin Cervilla

Graphic Designer and Community Manager

Neuro Solutions Group, a family story

Neuro Solutions Group has distinguished itself through its innovative practices and numerous partnerships. The story of Annie and her son with ADHD and ASD is the inspiration behind this incredible adventure.

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